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Photo credit: Anfisa Polyushkevych

Through literature we find the courage to understand ourselves and connect with the world. 

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Photo credit: Anfisa Polyushkevych

About the Author

I was born in a small French village in New Brunswick, Canada, and have settled in the place of my heart, England. I'm currently based in London.

Since a young age, I loved immersing myself in nature, going for long summer walks behind my childhood house among the flowery decor. Evening after evening I’d go skating under the winter stars in my backyard. Hip-hop dancing was an outlet that helped me express myself when I was a shy kid. I have mostly learned English through music and travel. Perhaps, the arts and music played a critical part in my development as a child alongside my wellbeing.

It wasn’t until shortly after I landed in England in 2019 that I discovered poetry and began writing. Today, I’m a poet, author, writer, and early years teacher. I've recently researched and studied the benefits of poetry on wellbeing and storybooks on children's social and emotional development. I teach young children in the heart of Hampstead Heath and plan, deliver one-to-one personalised creative sessions, according to your child's specific needs and interests. In addition, I also teach French, enabling children to learn in creative, fun and natural ways. My rate for one-to-one sessions is £20 per hour. I can also help with homeschooling (FULLY BOOKED FOR 2023-2024). Contact me at for more info. :)

I write with a sense of purpose, to help people connect with themselves and others, process emotions and increase self-confidence and wellbeing. I also write meditations and deliver poetry for wellbeing workshops at festivals, community centres in London and for organisations that value arts and health. You can hire me to deliver a workshop for you by contacting me at

I’m currently writing books for children aged between three and seven years old. 

Louise Gluck, Robert Frost, Oprah Winfrey and Max Ritcher are some of my biggest inspirations.

My love for the arts has led me to become a petite model and work with talented photographers who enjoy the art of photography as much as I do. I also enjoy collaborating with artists and musicians. Together, we create meaningful stories. 

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Winner of White Label Prize : First CollectionHedgehog Poetry PressMarch 2019

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