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Welcome to an endless world of imagination

It all started in late 2019 when I began writing poetry. Not long after, my debut poetry collection earned me the White Label Prize. During my childhood, I found entertainment in nature walks and spending hours reading quotes. I've conducted storytelling workshops for children throughout England and therapeutic poetry workshops for adults in London's community centres.

Today, I still write poetry filled with intense emotions, but my experience as an early years teacher and my strong love for imagination and storytelling have driven me to primarily pursue writing children's books. I am currently writing picture books for children aged between 3 and 6 years old. In addition, I'm also writing peaceful bedtime meditations for children which you can listen to for free here.

Every child, regardless of location, should have access to books, and we must remember those in hospitals. Through the use of words, rhymes, and storytelling, I aim to empower children to express themselves, share ideas, and enhance their imagination.

Books are not only a loving experience to have between friends, family or loved ones, but they give children a space to talk about difficult topics (such as grief, and sadness) and connect with themselves and the world. 

After researching the benefits of storytelling on children’s development and have completed a post-graduate certificate at UCL on the subject matter, I have a deep understanding of the value of storytelling in children’s lives.

Picture Books Coming Soon...

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