Françoise Hélène


The beauty of poems is that you can let your imagination flow and let each poem understand your mind and the world around you.

Poems are part of our broken soul, they are our happiness, our dreams, our nightmares and everything in between.


About my poetry

My poems and short stories have been written from the heart to nurture the soul. Poetry is medicine for human minds. 




About the Author

Hello everyone,

I'm Françoise Hélène and I was born in New Brunswick, Canada, I quickly developed a zest for seeking inspiration in everyday life. 

In school, I learned English and soon became enamored with memorable quotes and song lyrics. That admiration foretold what the future would bring on the other side of the world, in London. 

I am a lover of poetry, music, art, nature, and philosophy, and never at loss for inspiration and a connection to nature and the universe. 

With love,

Françoise Hélène 


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