Françoise Hélène


The beauty of poems is that you can let your imagination flow and let each poem understand your mind and the world around you.

    Poems are part of our broken soul, they are our happiness, our dreams, our nightmares and everything in between.

Poetry is one of the best medicines for the soul. 


My Vision

I give space to weighty emotions, so readers can explore them and make sense of them for themselves.

My vision is to create a peaceful and reflective reading experience. I write poetry to inspire growth, to empower, to unlock awareness and evoke spiritual clarity, to heal, and to teach the beauty of life's ups and downs. 

Eternal prescription for your soul -


About Me

I'm a Nature Poet 

who finds inspiration through nature, music, art, human life, ancient wisdom and holistic health research.

I'm originally from New Brunswick Canada and now live in London, UK. 

I'm an optimist who never ceases to learn from sadness and an out-of-this-world dreamer who wishes for people to live fulfilling lives by adopting self-love and pursuing happiness by rising from the darkness.

I write to spread love in the world, hoping it will make a difference and connect humanity.

I'm a deep thinker on the journey of spiritual growth and embrace both joy and melancholy.