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Your Soul Awakens the Sunset

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Through words we find the courage to understand ourselves and connect with others. 


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Poetess Francoise Helene sitting on a tree.

About the Author

I was born in a small French village in New Brunswick, Canada and have settled in the place of my heart, England. Since a young age, I loved immersing myself in nature, going for long summer walks behind my childhood house, skating under the wintery stars in my backyard. Hip-hop dancing was an outlet that helped me express myself when I was a shy kid. I have mostly learned English through music and travel. Perhaps, the arts and music played a critical part in my development as a child alongside my well-being. It wasn’t until shortly after I landed in England in 2019 that I discovered poetry and began writing. Today, I’m a poet, author, writer, teacher and researcher. I write for therapeutic purposes, to help people connect with themselves and others, unleash emotions and increase well-being. I also write meditations, short stories and more and have recently begun performing poetry. 

In my spare time, I also do modelling and enjoy the art of photography. 

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A poem from Your Soul Awakens the Sunset

Winner of White Label Prize : First CollectionHedgehog Poetry PressMarch 2019