Francoise Helene Poetry holding a vintage book.


can a seed grow

if it’s oblivious to the reasons

it was created?

It is its duty, after all,

to evolve and transform

into something greater than itself."

- Françoise Hélène

Photo credit: Anfisa Polyushkevych

"My soul cannot help but write

About immortal things.

Hence, the foundation of its being."

- Françoise Hélène


Françoise Hélène grew up in a small French village in New Brunswick, Canada. She now lives in London, UK and is an inspiring poet who inspires spiritual growth and mindfulness through the wisdom of art, music, literature, and nature. In 2019, she was a winner of The White Label Prize in London after only three months of writing poetry. The Canada Book Awards have accredited her works. In her poetry, she walks readers through a reflective and emotional journey through poems filled with deep conversations. Holding the heart of an old soul, her poetry also teaches important life lessons yet to be learnt by readers, giving each reader space to make sense of them for themselves. 

She teaches the value of literature to young children. She has delivered storytelling workshops at festivals across England and is also a forest school and spiritual teacher. Her major work currently focuses on researching the effects of the arts, music, literature, and nature on health. She delivers therapeutic poetry workshops to adults and has performed at The Wild Words Festival in London in June 2022. 

Slow down.
Take time for yourself. 
Reflect and heal through poetry.

Eternal prescriptions for your soul -


Model, Francoise Helene at St Dunstan Church

Photo credit: Anfisa Polyushkevych