The Stages of a Spiritual Awakening

“Two roads diverged into a yellow and sorry I couldn’t travel both.”

- Robert Frost

A spiritual awakening is when your soul comes in alignment with the truest part of your soul and enters a period of transformation. During a lifetime, your soul keeps on developing, but a spiritual awakening will often happen when major life changes or decisions are on the horizon.

These changes will often force you to let go of things your raw soul doesn’t profoundly connect with to leave space in your life to develop new interests or make critical life decisions that could change the course of your journey.

I had been through a spiritual awakening in the spring of 2019, and that’s where my life took another turn. Going through a spiritual awakening is difficult on the mind, but gaining knowledge about the process will help you along your journey. Of course, everyone experiences a spiritual awakening differently, and this comes in countless forms, but general guidelines can help make you feel reassured and less alone. The process is unique to each one of us, so the timeframe for each stage varies in length.

Here are some signs of a spiritual awakening

1. Major life challenges come along and create changes in your life

Loss and major life events often trigger a spiritual awakening such as job loss, health, breakups or any type of events that trigger a bit of chaos. This stage forces you to choose a new life direction in some areas of your life. The universe is sending you a calling, and it is up to you to decide how you’ll respond and must decide which path to take. This is where your connection with the universe expands. You might even realise you’ve had past lives and experience sudden Deja Vue. However, It’s also possible to wake up, even if no major life events have happened.

2. Bliss

You’ve realised there is more to life than what we can see on earth and your connection with the surrounding universe deepens. This stage often lasts for little time, but you feel incredibly excited about life and the heart is awakening. You see “la vie en rose” and float on life with bliss. This stage is beautiful, illusional and short.

3. Feeling lost

You bring yourself back to earth and have left the clouds. You see the reality of what you’re experiencing and are faced with the unknown and feel unsettled. What makes you feel fulfilled is something you ponder on. You sometimes perceive life in new ways and seek to connect to your intuition.

4. The darkness and the purge; disconnecting from what is no longer for you

Here, you realised you’ve got lots of healing to do and notice your habits. As your soul transforms and connects with its deepest authenticity, the world around you also changes. You focus on healing trauma, your wounds, and self-improvement. You are growing and possibly want to spend a lot of time alone. Your soul brings up all the things that need to be healed in this lifetime. It is possible that you need to heal wounds from past lives, too.

You also let go of what no longer resonates with your soul. This could mean letting go of friendships, jobs, hobbies, drinking alcohol, and bad habits (e.g. you eat less junk food). During this stage, you question your life’s purpose and began deciding on a fresh path to take that aligns with the truest part of your soul.

5. The Void

You understand yourself better and find yourself in a place of stillness. This is a stage of transition between your old and new life; you are between worlds. You know the “real” you more deeply and become more authentic and appreciate your soul’s uniqueness.

You may feel lost but are finding your way. You spend a lot of time reflecting on which path to pursue.

6. Choosing a path & feeling grounded

With transformation comes changes. Once you have shed many layers, you’ll sense your soul longing for what resonates with the deepest parts of you and fill what you’ve lost with what aligns best with your soul. You move with the energy within you and start building up on your new life.

For example, your focus here may change, you want to build long-lasting relationships and may distance yourself from people who are not on the same energetic level as you are, you may move away from the mainstream or traditional corporate jobs, etc.

There may even be an alternative career path ahead of you, or you desire to move to a different place.

When choosing a path, I’d suggest focusing on what matters most to you and following your heart. I believe the heart leads us to where we’re meant to go, even if there are detours on the way. Remember, rejections are only redirections. During this stage, things are coming together and your life feels more grounded. This is where you feel as you’ve grown, strong and more grounded. You’re moving towards a life direction that aligns with your soul.

7. Living your life mission

In this stage, you feel powerful and grounded. You start living your life's purpose and walk on the path of your mission, even if you may not know the details of it yet. You remember who you are and why you’re here. With full commitment, you move towards your soul’s path. In this stage, you’re in touch with your mission and you learn how to move forward for the rest of your life.

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