The Art of Self-Expression (brief)

Art therapy is a powerful strategy to help us communicate our inner emotions that can sometimes be difficult to express. It leads to improving self-esteem and depression, relieving stress as well as coping better with physical illness or disability. The activity helps us increase awareness of our current feelings and emotions. Art therapy includes free-flowing painting or drawing, collages, creative writing, digital art, photography, sculpting and more. During the process, there are no specific rules to follow, and this gives us the complete freedom of expression as well as endless opportunities. Creativity helps us connect to our inner-self by recognising growth, weaknesses, strengths and feelings. This remarkable process improves mental, physical and emotional wellness.

Many scientific pieces of research prove art enhances brain function by positively impacting emotions, the nervous system and raising serotonin levels (happiness). Perhaps, the arts are invaluable in our world.

Nevertheless, anyone can benefit from the arts in their lifetime by exploring and discovering the hidden artist within themselves. While there are endless ways of being creative, as creativity is an inevitable concept for humanity, incorporating arts in one’s life at a young age has incredible benefits: language development (by explaining artwork), expands imagination (which increases problem-solving, especially later on in life), promotes collaboration (by sharing ideas), encourages bilateral coordinator (cutting, painting, drawing), cultural exposure (by learning to understand different perspectives and the outside world) and inspires self-expression.

The arts are a royal family of self-expression for both children and adults. At an early age, children develop a general sense of self-identity on a subconscious level. These subconscious thoughts are often expressed within our inner-self, which comes out into the world in various art forms. When drawing or painting, for example, it’s natural for most of us to let our emotions guide us through paintbrush and pencil movements. Bottled up emotions and feelings then rise on the surface, and we let them be; our silent voices speak the language of arts, with or without words. Through colours, shapes, people or the abstract, we communicate messages that we are sometimes too afraid to tell ourselves or anyone. Or, we find out more about who we are, who we want to be, what makes us sad or happy; through arts we are limitless. Through arts, we conquer all dimensions of self-expression—a stunning language, filled with universal conversations.

I'm excited to share my short story with you next week about this topic.

(The School Garden)


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