Journaling & the mind of emotions

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

"Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words." - Robert Frost

The moment when I began writing poetry stands vague in my mind, although it truly feels as if this passion for words has lived within me for decades. I could say it fell upon me suddenly, but somewhere between the lines, I've spent many hours writing in my journal. Free writing is one of the best ways to release fears, anxiety, worries, loneliness, increase self-awareness and self-reflection, identify goals as well as boost positivity.

Journaling can reduce unwanted emotions

While many of us perceive unwanted emotions as unfavourable, they often make us stronger, help us grow or even drive our way to success. All of us experience darker emotions throughout our lifetime as we are only human. Even though there is beauty within them, we cross a bridge where we are looking to feel more positive emotions. Personally, a calm ambience and mindset help me live a more fulfilled life which is why I try to integrate this feeling in my life as much as possible. Thus, when I sense fear within me, it motivates me to overcome it. Often, the first step is for me to write about how I am feeling in my journal and to acknowledge how I am feeling and why. There is only one person that will judge what you are writing and that's yourself. For the most part, you don't have to overthink anything and all you have to do is to write as free as a bird.

Numerous studies show that journaling reduces negative thoughts and can be as effective as cognitive-behavioural therapy. It helps you clear your mind, temporarily disconnect from the world and connect with your inner self as well as identifying emotional triggers.

Understanding your Thoughts and Feelings

Personally, I write in my journal every day as it gives me a sense of peace, and it gives me personal guidance, self-awareness and naturally expands self-reflection. It opens my eyes and helps me understand "the why" of my emotions and permits me to dig deep beneath the underlying to break through self-awareness. It helps me find what I want as well as what I want to achieve and, what's important to me. My perception is: the more you understand and accept yourself, the happier you will be. Journaling has helped me thrive and succeed in regards to accepting who I am; being who you are with all your heart is a mastering art. This routine has also given me a chance to identify and work towards my goals and passions. Perhaps, you'll feel inclined to write down your goals then move forward.

Living from a Place of Love and Positivity

Some of the things I am grateful for in my life; family, friends, poetry, music (including singing birds), art, my flat, TREES, spiritual growth, water, matcha lattes and SO MUCH MORE! Writing down what you are grateful for is essential. There are so much for us to appreciate. Even though life can be very challenging at times, I try to see as much beauty in it as I can and remind myself of this every day. We can perhaps agree some have bigger obstacles to overcome than others, but gratitude has really helped me live a life from a place of love and positivity-- the best foundation to live upon. It is indeed proven that expressing gratitude will make you happier. A challenge for you today; write down five things you are grateful, who knows it might even turn into a poem, somehow.

I'm thankful for you reading this. Thank you.


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