6 ways to become a confident soul

Updated: Feb 21

If you're uncomfortable with being yourself, this article will help you raise your vibrations and confidence.

Once you've accepted your personality, you also sense peace within you, and that's pure and beautiful.

Here are five things that will help you gain confidence in yourself.

Healthy Eating

Our mind, body and soul interlace with one another. Eating healthy makes us feel better on this inside too. Notice how weeks where you eat healthy and organic food, you're in a better mood and have clearer skin than when I don't provide my body with many nourishing nutrients. A lot of times, your outer glow reflects what's going on inside your body.

Research on the topic shows that healthier eating habits reduce stress and anxiety and eating well also influences the chemicals in our brains, and that helps us feel better about ourselves, too. Research suggests that eating processed meat, fried foods and high-fat dairy products is associated with anxiety and depression.

The first step to eating healthy every day is having a healthy breakfast. One of my favourites breakfast is organic porridge with sprinkled cinnamon, pumpkin, sunflower and pumpkin seeds (omega-3 seeds), pears and pomegranate. Healthy eating habits will help you have a positive mindset and, in response, you will see the world in a more positive outlook.

Every food you put in your body is energy so slow down, pay attention to the food you eat and savour its health benefit.

Accept your Personality

How is your relationship with yourself? Take the time to get to know who you are. Self-love is an ongoing practice, and I believe if you look after it, the process will benefit your mental health. Journalling and writing poetry really help me understand where I stand in this journey. Getting out of my comfort zone and surrounding myself with people who seldom judge me is also helpful. Express who you are and remind yourself daily about the things you like or love about your personality. Do what makes you happy and distance yourself from relationships that don't give you space to grow or bring you down. Accept your imperfections too, because every human on earth has their own.

Celebrate Yourself

Give yourself compassion and be kind to yourself. Think about how you treat one person you love the most in the world and treat yourself like that, too. Celebrate your achievements, be proud of them and share them with people who will genuinely be happy for you and celebrate them in return. Remember to celebrate the things you love doing, whether that's reading a book, going for a walk, taking a bath, watching a film anything that you truly enjoy. Celebrate the fact that you've discovered these activities and you're conscious they bring you joy. Perhaps when you feel down, celebrate anything that makes you feel positive; that can be relationships too. You're the ones who decide how to celebrate or simply be conscious of the happiness you feel.

Focus on the Positive

As energy travels throughout the universe, we must try to focus on the positives as much as we can. You can do this by practising gratitude each day and giving little energy or attention to negativity. This doesn't mean to ignore the challenges that arise in your life but to switch your focus to a positive perspective. Remember, rejection is only a new direction and situations happen FOR you, not to you. If someone brings you down, I'd suggest giving zero attention to this person. You are the average of the five people you spend time with and you certainly don't want to bring yourself down.

Learn to recognise the Roots of your feelings and do the Healing Work

Being confident is also about embracing our flaws and imperfections. Self-confidence is a continuous journey and recognising that life success attains after trials and errors, falls and rises. We all have things we like less about ourselves, but this is sometimes because we compare ourselves to others. Take some time to stop and think about why a certain person, situation or personal trait makes you feel uncomfortable and think about why it's there. Often, we project what we feel on the inside in the external world. Take the time to work on yourself and explore the triggers of your emotions and surroundings. This will help you understand yourself better and sometimes, some triggers come from childhood memories or experiences.

Consume Healthy Media

Consume media that helps you grow and inspires you. Anything that doesn't make you feel good, ask yourself why and decide to stop consuming a certain channel, social media account etc. Sometimes, it has nothing to do with the channel itself but more triggers that arise within you. Give yourself time to heal these sentiments.


Meditating is great for your mind, body and soul and also encourages us to be conscious. Through meditation, you'll learn to pay attention to your current experiences and accepting them without judgment might indeed help you be happier. Research suggests that mindfulness affects many aspects of our psychological well-being—improving our mood, increasing positive emotions, and decreasing our anxiety, emotional reactivity, and job burnout.

In sum, our mind, body and soul connect with one another and we must dedicate time each week to take care of them.

Do a short five minutes' exercise now and list five things you love about yourself. What is your favourite self-care activity?

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Let me know your thoughts below and if you're a healthy mentor (which includes spirituality), drop a link to your website, I'd love to connect!

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