17 Signs you’re an Old Soul

Updated: Feb 21

Old souls occupy 11% of the population and old souls do not only love antiques or are old fashion. A soul is deeply anchored into us and last for a lifetime. The term is inspired because our bodies are containers for the spirit.

I hope you come across this article at the time you need it the most. Here are 17 signs you’re an old soul.

Are you an old soul?

Are you awake?

1. You didn’t fit in as a child

Many old souls find themselves to be off the beaten track and do not conform. Therefore, they sometimes don’t fit in.

As a child, I didn’t find myself part of the majority at school and always felt as I was different and now the reasons why make so much more sense; I am an old soul.

Old souls tend to avoid drama and negativity as much as they can and dislike being restricted. Old souls have lived many lives and often have a deep understanding of the world. Therefore, they can sometimes be rebellious but do not intend to harm others.

2. You enjoy deep and meaningful conversations or are spirituality inclined.

It’s most likely that old souls will feel disconnected and uninterested from superficial talks or conversations that have little meaning. Too much of small talk can make them feel low on energy.

Old souls are often very introspective and self-reflective and find happiness in what feels meaningful to them along with conversations that stimulates critical thinking, and the mind makes me feel alive.

3. You have a calm nature

Old souls often have a calm and gentle nature, which comes in different forms. Research shows that old souls are often introverted because of their love for observing the world and learning from it. Although old souls can be both introverted and extraverted.

4. You see the big picture of life or think about the future a lot.

Old souls seldom get lost in the details of life or will most likely focus on the big picture of things. This seems to be a common way of thinking for old souls. So many old souls are innovators or pioneers. They perceive things differently and love developing our own ideas and creating!

5. You enjoy spending time on your own.

Old souls often enjoy the quieter side of life, like enjoying an organic hot drink, going for a walk in nature, have a picnic with friends. They enjoy the simplicity of life that’s often forgotten in today’s society.

6. You're most likely to be a minimalist

A lot of old souls are minimalist because they understand things are temporary. They feel happiness from the inside and that’s what matters most to them.

7. You’re creative or have a natural talent.

Many old souls are often drawn to art, music, poetry and nature, which inspire creativity and is full of ancient wisdom and emotions.

All of us are creative in our ways, no matter if we’re an old soul or not, but old souls often deeply value creativity in their lives. Creativity comes in many forms and it’s up to us to find in which ways we love to be creative.

8. You search for meaningful soul connections.

Old seek lasting and meaningful connections. We seek connections where we can be our truest self and not feel judge. These types of relationships transcend the test of time and distance and are comfortable in both conversations and silence. There’s no need for pretending or to impress.

8. You’re a big dreamer and follow your own path.

Old souls are often naturally ambitious and dream big and ambitious. They are daydreamers and their mind is filled with imagination.

9. You may have inexplicable fears

Research reveals that old souls can have mysterious fears. Old souls have experienced many ways of life, and therefore inexplicable fears, character traits or such arise in this lifetime.

10. You feel deeply connected to certain places or cultures and sense you had past lives.

This is often because of past lifetimes. This comes through in the lifestyle they choose to live, in their interests, sense of style, or the places they feel connected to.

11. You carry a wide level of wisdom within you.

With life comes learning and experience, old souls carry a unique level of wisdom and remain calm in situations where most of the world is alarmed.

12. You’re most likely to be highly compassionate or empathetic.

Because old souls have lived different lives and lived as different people, they can often put themselves in somebody else’s shoes. Research shows that sometimes character traits stay within the soul to another lifetime. This compassion shows itself whether it’s understanding others’ people’s feelings, what they are going through or by simply seeing the beauty behind closed doors.

13. You have a great passion for knowledge, learning, and focus on constant soul growth.

Old souls cherish truth, wisdom and soul growth. I believe we came into this life to grow and we learn something every day. It can be a life event that causes us to reflect on who we are, our values or a mistake we’ve made (because everyone makes mistakes, we are human and not robots). Or, it can be how to cook something new, how to use technology, the road to a new location and the list is endless. Old souls focus on personal development, as this is nourishing to their souls. They are curious about life and sometimes have a specific topic they love to explore in-depth. Old souls are more spiritual as they love connecting to their soul and the universe.

14. You sense that you have returned to earth because you have a life purpose to fulfil.

Because old souls love purpose and have a killer intuition, they’re also faithful that they have a life purpose in this world and strongly sense this. Finding your life purpose takes time, so you have to be patient. Still, once you get closer to your life’s purpose, you will feel in your heart this is the right path to follow. There will be bumps along the road, but you will get there. Open your heart and follow the path.

15. You have a strong intuition and often decide about what your soul tells you.

We know that many old souls have had Deja Vue and have a strong intuition. Though it is wise to decide both from reasoning and by listening to our intuition, it’s common for old souls to make big life decisions based on their intuition.

However, this doesn’t mean that obstacles and challenges won’t arise, as they will often appear. It is then your decision to overcome them to pursue the chosen path and, as long as you try, you will end up where you’re. Rejections are only redirections and I believe what’s meant for you won’t bypass you.

16. You may stand out, even if you don’t want to.

It’s recognised old souls stand out, as they can sometimes see them as “eccentric” or think differently. This is one of the reasons why old souls are good at solving complex problems; they think for themselves and have unique perspectives.

17. You might be out of date with the latest trends.

Old souls are often highly interested in ancient wisdom and history and do not care for the latest trends unless it has a purpose.

Are you an old soul? Let me know in the comment section below.

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With love and care,

Francoise Helene

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