Winner of Canada Book Awards The Art of Wisdom: Poems for Soul Growth September 2021

Winner of Canada Book Awards Us & Everything Else. July 2020



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Winner of White Label Prize : First CollectionHedgehog Poetry PressMarch 2019

Francoise Helene grew up in a small French village in New Brunswick, Canada. In 2012, she left the province to explore multiple corners of the world. This led her to work and travel in different countries around the globe. 

It wasn't until she landed in England that she felt a sense of homecoming. In 2019, she began writing poetry, shortly after moving to the United Kingdom. A few months afterwards, she won her first poetry competition. 

Her first language is French-Canadian and her primary school closed because there weren't enough children in the village. So, the remaining children went to a school that was fifteen minutes' drive away. At 12 years old, she could then started to learn English. 

Throughout her teenage years, music helped her learn English and so did her travellings.

As a child, she used to collect flowers behind her house, in the wild-open field, to decorate the wooden kitchen table. Her love for flowers is timeless and she's connected with nature since a young age. 

She is a firm believer in the power of art, music, nature and literature and believes they help us live better lives. 

She is a spiritual teacher, poet and author who wishes to enlighten others. She is a seeker of creative and holistic health and this work inspires her poetry. 

Poet and spiritual teacher Francoise Helene in a field of flowers